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HALL is a line of Danish produced and manufactured furniture. Nordic wood combined with steel, coated with powder coating. The choice of material understates a lasting industrial quality combined with a simplistic and elegant look with inspiration from the nordic nature. 


HALL is WalkIn´s line of nordic hallway furniture  - Material

and design is inspired by

the beautiful nordic nature

RRP  Eur 95

RRP  Eur 106
RRP  Eur 106
RRP  Eur 117

Nature Oil 59x6x4
Black Laquer 59x6x4

Nature Oil 101x6x4

Black Laquer 101x6x4

​HALL Hanger L 59 cm
​HALL Hanger L 59 cm
​HALL Hanger L 101 cm

​HALL Hanger L 101 cm​

RRP  Eur 319

RRP  Eur 335

RRP  Eur 341
RRP  Eur 362

Nature Oil  64x30x47
Black Laquer

Nature Oil  90x30x47
Black Laquer 

HALL Bench L 64 cm
HALL Bench L 64 cm

HALL Bench L 90 cm
HALL Bench L 90 cm

RRP  Eur 266

RRP  Eur 287

Nature Oil 82x30x17
Black Laquer 82x30x17

​HALL Hat Shelf L 82 cm
HALL Hat Shelf L 82 cm

RRP  Eur 341

RRP  Eur 362

Nature Oil 13x12x180
Black Laquer 13x12x180

​HALL Hallstand H 180 cm
​HALL Hallstand H 180 cm

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